Adds a descriptor to any descriptor list, possibly replacing an existing descriptor in the list.


func AEPutDesc(_ theAEDescList: UnsafeMutablePointer<AEDescList>!, _ index: Int, _ theAEDesc: UnsafePointer<AEDesc>!) -> OSErr



A pointer to the descriptor list to add a descriptor to. See AEDescList.


A one-based positive integer indicating the position to insert the descriptor at. If there is already a descriptor in the specified position, it is replaced.

You can pass a value of zero or count + 1 to add the descriptor at the end of the list. AEPutDesc returns an error (AEIllegalIndex) if you pass a negative number or a value that is out of range.


A pointer to the descriptor to add to the list. See AEDesc.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


Thread safe starting in OS X v10.2.

See Also

Adding Items to Descriptor Lists

func AEPutArray(UnsafeMutablePointer<AEDescList>!, AEArrayType, UnsafePointer<AEArrayData>!, DescType, Size, Int) -> OSErr

Inserts the data for an Apple event array into a descriptor list, replacing any previous descriptors in the list.

func AEPutPtr(UnsafeMutablePointer<AEDescList>!, Int, DescType, UnsafeRawPointer!, Size) -> OSErr

Inserts data specified in a buffer into a descriptor list as a descriptor, possibly replacing an existing descriptor in the list.