Other Descriptor Type Constants

Specify types for Boolean and character descriptors.


enum : DescType {


The constants described here specify the data type for a descriptor and show the kind of data stored in a descriptor with that type.

Descriptors are the building blocks used by the Apple Event Manager to construct Apple event attributes and parameters. A descriptor is a data structure of type AEDesc, which consists of data storage and a descriptor type that identifies the type of the data. A descriptor type is defined by the data type DescType.

AppleScript defines descriptor type constants for a wide variety of common data types. For additional types, see Descriptor Type Constants and Numeric Descriptor Type Constants. For a complete listing, including data types such as units of length, weight, and volume, see the Apple Event Manager and Open Scripting Architecture header files.


In macOS typeChar type is deprecated in favor of typeUTF8Text or typeUTF16ExternalRepresentation. For more information, see typeUTF16ExternalRepresentation.




Boolean value—single byte with value 0 or 1.