Launch Apple Event Constants

In a kAEOpenApplication event, specify information about how the receiving application was launched.


enum : AEKeyword {


Although these constants were not publicly defined in OS X version 10.4, corresponding information was provided in kAEOpenApplication Apple events sent by that version of the OS. Therefore your application, running in macOS 10.4 or later, can examine the open application Apple event to determine if the application was launched as a login item or a service item. However, for version 10.4, you will have to define these constants in your own code file.

You check for a keyAEPropData parameter of the kAEOpenApplication Apple event, with a data value that matches keyAELaunchedAsLogInItem or keyAELaunchedAsServiceItem.




If present in a kAEOpenApplication event, the receiving application was launched as a login item and should only perform actions suitable to that environment—for example, it probably shouldn't open an untitled document.