Callback Constants for the AEResolve Function

Specify supported callback features to the AEResolve function.


enum : unsigned int {


You use these constants to supply a value for the callbackFlags parameter to the AEResolve function. This value specifies whether your application supports whose descriptors or provides marking callback functions. To obtain a value for this parameter, you can add together constants to set the appropriate bits, as shown in the following example (for an application that supports both whose tests and marking):

    AEDesc objectSpecifier; // Previously obtained object specifier.     AEDesc  resultToken;
    OSErr myErr;
    myErr = AEResolve (&objectSpecifier,
                        kAEIDoWhose + kAEIDoMarking, &resultToken)

AppleScript generates whose clauses from script statements such as the following:

tell application "Finder"
    every file in control panels folder whose file type is "APPL"
end tell




The application does not handle whose tests or provide marking callbacks.


The application supports whose tests (supports key form formWhose).


The application provides marking callback functions. Marking callback functions are described in Apple Event Manager.