Type Alias


A descriptor that contains the address of an application. Typically used to describe the target application for an Apple event.


typealias AEAddressDesc = AEDesc


An address descriptor is identical to a descriptor of data type AEDesc; however, the data for an address descriptor must always consist of the address of an application.

Every Apple event includes an attribute specifying the address of the target application. The address in an address descriptor can be specified as one of these types (or as any other descriptor type you define that can be coerced to one of these types): typeApplSignature, typeSessionID, or typeProcessSerialNumber. These constants are described in Descriptor Type Constants. You can also use typeApplicationBundleID.

If your application sends Apple events to itself using a typeProcessSerialNumber address descriptor with the lowLongOfPSN field set to kCurrentProcess (and the highLongOfPSN field set to 0), the Apple Event Manager jumps directly to the appropriate Apple event handler without going through the normal event-processing sequence.