Type Alias


A data type for values that specify how an Apple event was delivered.


typedef SInt8 AEEventSource;


Event Source Constants lists the valid constant values for a variable or parameter of type AEEventSource.

You might use a variable of this type, for example, to get the source type of an Apple event by calling the function AEGetAttributePtr. You pass the keyEventSourceAttr constant as the value for the theAEKeyWord parameter and you pass a pointer to a variable of type AEEventSource for the dataPtr parameter. On return, the variable will contain one of the event source constant values described in Event Source Constants. The complete call looks like the following:

AppleEvent       theAppleEvent; // previously obtained Apple event
DescType        returnedType;
AEEventSource   sourceOfAE;
Size            actualSize;
OSErr           myErr;
myErr = AEGetAttributePtr(theAppleEvent,
                            (void *) &sourceOfAE,
                            sizeof (sourceOfAE),