Backup Core


Backup Core is a C language API that supplies a low-level interface to file and folder settings used by Backup. Introduced in OS X v10.5, Backup is a built-in, user-configurable backup solution that protects user data from accidental loss.

The Backup Core API includes a function you can use to exclude from Backup temporary or otherwise unimportant folders and files your application creates. In addition, you can use this function to allow your users to make backup decisions from within the context of your application.


Managing an Item’s Backup Exclusion Status

func CSBackupSetItemExcluded(CFURL!, Bool, Bool)

Includes or excludes an item from the backup.

func CSBackupIsItemExcluded(CFURL!, UnsafeMutablePointer<DarwinBoolean>!)

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether an item is currently excluded from the backup.