File Manager

Interact with files, folders, and volumes.



Converting Between Paths and FSRef Structures

Creating an FSRef From a File System Specification

Creating File System Specifications

Creating, Invoking, and Disposing Universal Procedure Pointers to Completion Functions

Determining the Unicode Names of the Data and Resource Forks

Getting Information About Volumes

Locating, Opening, and Closing the Desktop Database

Obtaining File and Directory Information Using a Catalog Iterator on HFS Plus Volumes

Obtaining File Control Block Information

Obtaining Fork Control Block Information

Searching a Volume Using a Catalog Iterator

Unmounting Volumes


See Also


Alias Manager

Create and resolve alias records that describe file system objects such as files, directories, and volumes.

Code Fragment Manager

Load fragments into memory and prepare them for execution.

Component Manager

Find and use components in your app or add custom components to system-provided services, such as QuickTime and Core Audio.

Gestalt Manager

Investigate the operating environment of your app.

Text Encoding Conversion Manager

Handle text encoding conversion between apps and transfer text across different platforms.