Stores token information used by the AEResolve function while locating a range of objects.


typedef struct ccntTokenRecord {
} ccntTokenRecord;


When the AEResolve function calls an object accessor function to locate a range of objects, the Apple Event Manager replaces the descriptor of type typeCurrentContainer with a token for the container of each boundary object. When using AEResolve to resolve the object specifier, your application doesn’t need to examine the contents of this token, because the Apple Event Manager keeps track of it.

If your application attempts to resolve some or all of the object specifier without calling AEResolve, the application may need to examine the token before it can locate the boundary objects. The token provided by the Apple Event Manager for a boundary object’s container is a descriptor of type typeToken whose data storage pointer refers to a structure of type ccntTokenRecord.


Instance Properties


A token for the current container. (Token is defined in AEDisposeToken. See AEDesc.


The class ID of the container represented by the token parameter. See DescType.