Global Variable


No application in the Launch Services database matches the input criteria.


var kLSApplicationNotFoundErr: OSStatus { get }

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Result Codes

var kLSAppInTrashErr: OSStatus

The application cannot be run because it is inside a Trash folder.

var kLSUnknownErr: OSStatus

An unknown error has occurred.

var kLSNotAnApplicationErr: OSStatus

The item to be registered is not an application.

var kLSNotInitializedErr: OSStatus

Formerly returned by LSInit on initialization failure; no longer used.

var kLSDataUnavailableErr: OSStatus

Data of the desired type is not available (for example, there is no kind string).

var kLSDataErr: OSStatus

Data is structured improperly (for example, an item’s information property list is malformed). Not used in macOS 10.4.

var kLSLaunchInProgressErr: OSStatus

A launch of the application is already in progress.

var kLSServerCommunicationErr: OSStatus

There is a problem communicating with the server process that maintains the Launch Services database.

var kLSCannotSetInfoErr: OSStatus

The filename extension to be hidden cannot be hidden.

var kLSIncompatibleSystemVersionErr: OSStatus

The application to be launched cannot run on the current Mac OS version.

var kLSNoLaunchPermissionErr: OSStatus

The user does not have permission to launch the application (on a managed network).

var kLSNoExecutableErr: OSStatus

The executable file is missing or has an unusable format.

var kLSNoClassicEnvironmentErr: OSStatus

The Classic emulation environment was required but is not available.

var kLSMultipleSessionsNotSupportedErr: OSStatus

The application to be launched cannot run simultaneously in two different user sessions.