Specify how to launch an application.


struct LSLaunchFlags


They are passed in a launch specification structure (LSLaunchFSRefSpec to the LSOpenFromRefSpec function or LSLaunchURLSpec to the LSOpenFromURLSpec function), to control the manner in which applications are launched.



static var defaults: LSLaunchFlags

Requests launching in the default manner (as if the only flags set were kLSLaunchNoParams, kLSLaunchAsync, and kLSLaunchStartClassic).

static var andPrint: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that documents opened in the application be printed.

static var andDisplayErrors: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that launch and open failures be displayed in the UI.

var kLSLaunchInhibitBGOnly: Int

Requests that the launch be made to fail if the application is background-only.

static var dontAddToRecents: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that the application or documents not be added to the Finder’s Recent Items menu.

static var dontSwitch: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that the application be launched without being brought to the foreground.

var kLSLaunchNoParams: Int

Requests that the application’s information property list be used to determine the launch parameters.

var kLSLaunchStartClassic: Int

Requests that the Classic emulation environment be started up if the application requires it. If this flag is not set and the application requires the Classic environment, the launch will fail.

var kLSLaunchInClassic: Int

Requests that the application be forced to launch in the Classic emulation environment.

static var newInstance: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that a new instance of the application be started, even if one is already running.

static var andHide: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that the application be hidden as soon as it completes its launch sequence.

static var andHideOthers: LSLaunchFlags

Requests that other applications be hidden as soon as the opened application completes its launch sequence.

var kLSLaunchHasUntrustedContents: Int

Requests that the items to be launched should be marked as untrusted.



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