Specify the desired role or roles for an application to claim with respect to an item or family of items.


struct LSRolesMask


This bit mask is passed to functions that find the preferred application for a given item or family of items (LSGetApplicationForItem, LSGetApplicationForURL, LSGetApplicationForInfo), or that determine whether a given application can open a designated item (LSCanRefAcceptItem, LSCanURLAcceptURL), to specify the application’s desired role or roles with respect to the item. For example, to request only an editor application, specify kLSRolesEditor; if either an editor or a viewer application is acceptable, specify kLSRolesEditor | kLSRolesViewer.



static var none: LSRolesMask

Requests the role None (the application cannot open the item, but provides an icon and a kind string for it).

static var viewer: LSRolesMask

Requests the role Viewer (the application can read and present the item, but cannot manipulate or save it).

static var editor: LSRolesMask

Requests the role Editor (the application can read, present, manipulate, and save the item).

static var shell: LSRolesMask

Requests the role Shell (the application can execute the item).

static var all: LSRolesMask

Accepts any role with respect to the item.


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