Type Alias


Defines an opaque data type representing a document’s URL.


typealias SKDocument = CFTypeRef


A document URL object is a generic location specification for a document. It is built from a document scheme, a parent document, and a document name. You can convert back and forth between document URL objects and CFURL objects using Search Kit’s SKDocumentCreateWithURL(_:) and SKDocumentCopyURL(_:) functions.

To create a Search Kit document URL object, use SKDocumentCreateWithURL(_:) when you can provide a complete URL, or use SKDocumentCreate(_:_:_:) when you want to specify document location indirectly using a parent document URL object. For other operations on documents, see Working with Documents and Terms.

If you create document URL objects with indirect locations using the SKDocumentCreate(_:_:_:) function, you can resolve the locations by assembling them piece by piece, starting with a document URL object and going up step by step, parent to parent.

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