Type Alias


Defines an opaque data type representing a lightweight document identifier.


typealias SKDocumentID = CFIndex


Use document IDs rather than document URL objects (SKDocumentRefs) whenever possible. Using document IDs results in faster searching.

You can work with document IDs using a variety of Search Kit functions. See SKIndexGetMaximumDocumentID(_:), SKIndexCopyDocumentForDocumentID(_:_:), SKIndexCopyInfoForDocumentIDs(_:_:_:_:_:), SKIndexCopyDocumentRefsForDocumentIDs(_:_:_:_:), SKIndexCopyDocumentURLsForDocumentIDs(_:_:_:_:), SKIndexCopyDocumentIDArrayForTermID(_:_:), and SKIndexCopyTermIDArrayForDocumentID(_:_:).

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