Type Alias


Deprecated. Use SKSearchCreate and SKSearchFindMatches instead, which do not use a callback.


typealias SKSearchResultsFilterCallBack = (SKIndex?, SKDocument?, UnsafeMutableRawPointer?) -> DarwinBoolean



The index you are searching.


The document URL object within the index you are searching.


An application-specified context which you set when calling SKSearchResultsCreateWithQuery or SKSearchResultsCreateWithDocuments.

Return Value

A Boolean value of true for a successful search hit, or false otherwise.


Deprecated. Defines a pointer to a search-results filtering callback function for hit testing and processing during a search. Use this callback function to perform custom filtering on the search hits returned by the SKSearchResultsCreateWithQuery and SKSearchResultsCreateWithDocuments functions. Return true to keep this document URL object (SKDocumentRef) in the results, false to filter it out.

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