Instance Method


Tells the delegate to reindex the searchable items associated with the specified identifiers.



func searchableIndex(_ searchableIndex: CSSearchableIndex, reindexSearchableItemsWithIdentifiers identifiers: [String], acknowledgementHandler: @escaping () -> Void)



The index in which to reindex the specified searchable data. To update the state of the items, the delegate or app extension should call indexSearchableItems(_:completionHandler:) passing in searchableIndex.


An array of identifiers that specify searchable items.


The handler to call after all client state has been saved. Note that if the app passes client state information in a batch (for example, by calling endBatch(withClientState:completionHandler:)), the acknowledgement handler can be called immediately.

The delegate or app extension must call the acknowledgement handler after all client state information has been saved, so that the indexer can call this method again in case of a crash.


An app extension should not use the index passed in searchableIndex when a custom data protection class is needed.

See Also

Updating the Index

func searchableIndex(CSSearchableIndex, reindexAllSearchableItemsWithAcknowledgementHandler: () -> Void)

Tells the delegate to reindex all searchable data and clear all local state information.


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