Instance Property


The value that uniquely identifies the searchable item within your app.


var uniqueIdentifier: String { get set }


This property is required because it’s the only way to identify searchable items in the index when you need to access or delete them. When you create a searchable item, the system generates a UUID by default, but you can replace the default value with a unique identifier that makes sense in the context of your app. If you want to use a custom value for uniqueIdentifier, be sure to set it before the item is indexed for the first time.

See Also

Setting Attributes on a Searchable Item

var attributeSet: CSSearchableItemAttributeSet

The set of attributes that contain metadata associated with the item in a CSSearchableItemAttributeSet object.

var domainIdentifier: String?

An optional identifier that represents the domain or owner of the item.

var expirationDate: Date!

The date after which the searchable item should no longer exist.