Instance Property


A list of editors who have worked on the file.


var editors: [String]? { get set }

See Also

Describing Media

var comment: String?

A comment related to the media file.

var contentCreationDate: Date?

The date on which the contents of the file was created.

var contentModificationDate: Date?

The date on which the contents of the file was last modified.

var contentSources: [String]?

An array of sources from which the media was obtained.

var copyright: String?

The copyright date of the content.

var downloadedDate: Date?

The most recent date on which the file was downloaded or received.

var lastUsedDate: Date?

The date on which the file was last used.

var participants: [String]?

A list of people who are visible in an image or movie or written about in a document.

var projects: [String]?

A list of projects of which this file is a part.

var addedDate: Date?

The date on which the item was moved into its current location.

var codecs: [String]?

The codecs used to encode/decode the media.

var contactKeywords: [String]?

A list of contacts who are associated with the content in some way, not including the author.

var deliveryType: NSNumber?

The delivery type of the file.

var duration: NSNumber?

The duration (if appropriate) of the content of the file, in seconds.

var mediaTypes: [String]?

The media types present in the content.

var organizations: [String]?

A list of companies or organizations that created the content.

var streamable: NSNumber?

A value that indicates if the content is prepared for streaming.

var totalBitRate: NSNumber?

The total bit rate of the media, combining audio and video.

var audioBitRate: NSNumber?

The audio bit rate of the media.

var version: String?

A version string associated with the file.

var videoBitRate: NSNumber?

The video bit rate of the media.

var contributors: [String]?

A list of people, organizations, or services that made contributions to the media content.

var languages: [String]?

A list of the included languages for the intellectual content of the media.

var publishers: [String]?

A list of people, organizations, services, or other entities responsible for making the media available.

var rights: String?

A link to information about the rights held in and over the media.

var role: String?

Indicates the role of the content creator.

var contentRating: NSNumber?

A value that indicates if the media contains explicit content.

var coverage: [String]?

A list of descriptors that specify the extent or scope of the media.

var director: String?

The name of the director of the media (for example, a movie director).

var genre: String?

The genre of the media.

var information: String?

Information about the media.

var local: NSNumber?

A value that indicates if the media is local.

var originalFormat: String?

The original format of the media.

var originalSource: String?

The original source of the media.

var performers: [String]?

A list of performers in the media.

var playCount: NSNumber?

A user-supplied play count for the media.

var producer: String?

The producer of the content.

var rating: NSNumber?

The user-supplied rating of the media.

var ratingDescription: String?

A description of the rating.

var url: URL?

The URL associated with the media.