Instance Property


The file URL of the content to be indexed.


var contentURL: URL? { get set }


This is an optional property. An app that is also a client of iCloud Drive can set this property to allow Spotlight to deduplicate its searchable items against the iCloud Drive items. In this scenario, Spotlight does not display searchable items from iCloud Drive that have the same contentURL property.

See Also

Describing General Attributes

var alternateNames: [String]?

An array of localized strings that represent alternate display names for the item.

var contentType: String?

The uniform type identifier (that is, UTI) of the item.

var contentTypeTree: [String]?

An attribute type that identifies a custom hierarchy of types to describe the attributes of your item.

var displayName: String?

A localized string that contains the name of the item, suitable to display in the user interface.

var keywords: [String]?

An array of keywords associated with the item, such as work, birthday, important, and so on.

var metadataModificationDate: Date?

The date on which the last metadata attribute was changed.

var path: String?

The complete path to the item.

var relatedUniqueIdentifier: String?

For activities, the unique identifier for the item to which the activity is related.

var thumbnailData: Data?

Image data that represents the thumbnail of the item.

var thumbnailURL: URL?

The local file URL of the thumbnail image for the item.

var title: String?

The title of the item.

var domainIdentifier: String?

An identifier that represents the domain or owner of the item.

var weakRelatedUniqueIdentifier: String?

For activities, the unique identifier for the item to which the activity is related, but not linked.