Instance Property


An array of data protection classes that correspond to the protection classes associated with the indexed items.


var protectionClasses: [FileProtectionType] { get set }


Possible values for this property are complete, completeUnlessOpen, and completeUntilFirstUserAuthentication. By default, the data protection class is retrieved from the entitlement, if it exists; otherwise, the default value is completeUntilFirstUserAuthentication.

See Also

Creating a Query Object

let CSSearchQueryString: String

Provides the key within the NSUserActivity object’s userInfo dictionary for which the value is the string that represents the user’s current query.

let CSQueryContinuationActionType: String

Indicates that the activity type to continue is a search or query.

init(queryString: String, attributes: [String]?)

Initializes and returns a query object with the specified query string and item attributes.