Returns the symbolic traits of the given font.


func CTFontGetSymbolicTraits(_ font: CTFont) -> CTFontSymbolicTraits



The font reference.

Return Value

The symbolic traits of the font. This is equivalent to the kCTFontSymbolicTrait value of the traits dictionary.


See the Constants section of CTFontDescriptor for a definition of the font traits.

See Also

Getting Font Data

func CTFontCopyFontDescriptor(CTFont) -> CTFontDescriptor

Returns the normalized font descriptor for the given font reference.

func CTFontCopyAttribute(CTFont, CFString) -> CFTypeRef?

Returns the value associated with an arbitrary attribute of the given font.

func CTFontGetSize(CTFont) -> CGFloat

Returns the point size of the given font.

func CTFontGetMatrix(CTFont) -> CGAffineTransform

Returns the transformation matrix of the given font.

func CTFontCopyTraits(CTFont) -> CFDictionary

Returns the traits dictionary of the given font.

func CTFontCopyDefaultCascadeListForLanguages(CTFont, CFArray?) -> CFArray?

Retrieves an ordered list of font substitution preferences.