Retrieves an ordered list of font substitution preferences.


func CTFontCopyDefaultCascadeListForLanguages(_ font: CTFont, _ languagePrefList: CFArray?) -> CFArray?



The font reference.


The language preference list, an ordered array of CFStrings of ISO language codes.

Return Value

An ordered list of CTFontDescriptors for font fallback according to the given language preferences.


When the original font used for text layout and rendering does not support a certain Unicode character from the provided text, the system follows this list to pick a fallback font that includes the character.

The font alternatives in the cascade list match the original font's style, weight, and width.

See Also

Getting Font Data

func CTFontCopyFontDescriptor(CTFont) -> CTFontDescriptor

Returns the normalized font descriptor for the given font reference.

func CTFontCopyAttribute(CTFont, CFString) -> CFTypeRef?

Returns the value associated with an arbitrary attribute of the given font.

func CTFontGetSize(CTFont) -> CGFloat

Returns the point size of the given font.

func CTFontGetMatrix(CTFont) -> CGAffineTransform

Returns the transformation matrix of the given font.

func CTFontGetSymbolicTraits(CTFont) -> CTFontSymbolicTraits

Returns the symbolic traits of the given font.

func CTFontCopyTraits(CTFont) -> CFDictionary

Returns the traits dictionary of the given font.