Creates a new font descriptor with the provided PostScript name and size.


func CTFontDescriptorCreateWithNameAndSize(_ name: CFString, _ size: CGFloat) -> CTFontDescriptor



The PostScript name to be used for the font descriptor as a CFString object.


The point size. If 0.0, the font size attribute (kCTFontSizeAttribute) is omitted from the returned font descriptor.

Return Value

A new font descriptor reference with the given PostScript name and point size.

See Also

Creating Font Descriptors

func CTFontDescriptorCreateWithAttributes(CFDictionary) -> CTFontDescriptor

Creates a new font descriptor reference from a dictionary of attributes.

func CTFontDescriptorCreateCopyWithAttributes(CTFontDescriptor, CFDictionary) -> CTFontDescriptor

Creates a copy of the original font descriptor with new attributes.

func CTFontDescriptorCreateCopyWithVariation(CTFontDescriptor, CFNumber, CGFloat) -> CTFontDescriptor

Creates a copy of the original font descriptor with a new variation instance.

func CTFontDescriptorCreateMatchingFontDescriptors(CTFontDescriptor, CFSet?) -> CFArray?

Returns an array of normalized font descriptors matching the provided descriptor.

func CTFontDescriptorCreateMatchingFontDescriptor(CTFontDescriptor, CFSet?) -> CTFontDescriptor?

Returns the single preferred matching font descriptor based on the original descriptor and system precedence.

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