Creates an immutable line from the typesetter.


func CTTypesetterCreateLine(_ typesetter: CTTypesetter, _ stringRange: CFRange) -> CTLine



The typesetter that creates the line. This parameter is required and cannot be set to NULL.


The string range on which the line is based. If the length portion of range is set to 0, then the typesetter continues to add glyphs to the line until it runs out of characters in the string. The location and length of the range must be within the bounds of the string, or the call will fail.

Return Value

A reference to a CTLine object if the call was successful; otherwise, NULL.


The resultant line consists of glyphs in the correct visual order, ready to draw. This function is equivalent to CTTypesetterCreateLineWithOffset(_:_:_:) with an offset of 0.0.

See Also

Creating Lines

func CTTypesetterCreateLineWithOffset(CTTypesetter, CFRange, Double) -> CTLine

Creates an immutable line from the typesetter at a specified line offset.