Returns a reference to a localized name for the given font.


func CTFontCopyLocalizedName(_ font: CTFont, _ nameKey: CFString, _ actualLanguage: UnsafeMutablePointer<Unmanaged<CFString>?>?) -> CFString?



The font reference.


The name specifier. See Name Specifier Constants for possible values.


On output, points to the language string of the returned name string. The format of the language identifier conforms to the RFC 3066bis standard.

Return Value

A specific localized name from the font reference or NULL if the font does not have an entry for the requested name key.


The name is localized based on the user's global language preference precedence. That is, the user’s language preference is a list of languages in order of precedence. So, for example, if the list had Japanese and English, in that order, then a font that did not have Japanese name strings but had English strings would return the English strings.

See Also

Getting Font Names

func CTFontCopyPostScriptName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the PostScript name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyFamilyName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the family name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyFullName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the full name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyDisplayName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the display name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyName(CTFont, CFString) -> CFString?

Returns a reference to the requested name of the given font.