Returns the frame attributes used to create the frame.


func CTFrameGetFrameAttributes(_ frame: CTFrame) -> CFDictionary?



The frame whose attributes are returned.

Return Value

A reference to a CFDictionary object containing the frame attributes that were used to create the frame, or, if the frame was created without any frame attributes, NULL.


You can create a frame with an attributes dictionary to control various aspects of the framing process. These attributes are different from the ones used to create an attributed string.

See Also

Getting Frame Data

func CTFrameGetStringRange(CTFrame) -> CFRange

Returns the range of characters originally requested to fill the frame.

func CTFrameGetVisibleStringRange(CTFrame) -> CFRange

Returns the range of characters that actually fit in the frame.

func CTFrameGetPath(CTFrame) -> CGPath

Returns the path used to create the frame.