Returns the range of characters that actually fit in the frame.


func CTFrameGetVisibleStringRange(_ frame: CTFrame) -> CFRange



The frame whose visible character range is returned.

Return Value

A CFRange structure containing the backing store range of characters that fit into the frame, or if the function call is not successful or no characters fit in the frame, an empty range.


This function can be used to cascade frames, because it returns the range of characters that can be seen in the frame. The next frame would start where this frame ends.

See Also

Getting Frame Data

func CTFrameGetStringRange(CTFrame) -> CFRange

Returns the range of characters originally requested to fill the frame.

func CTFrameGetPath(CTFrame) -> CGPath

Returns the path used to create the frame.

func CTFrameGetFrameAttributes(CTFrame) -> CFDictionary?

Returns the frame attributes used to create the frame.

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