Returns a reference to the requested name of the given font.


func CTFontCopyName(_ font: CTFont, _ nameKey: CFString) -> CFString?



The font reference.


The name specifier. See Name Specifier Constants for possible values.

Return Value

The requested name for the font, or NULL if the font does not have an entry for the requested name. The Unicode version of the name is preferred, otherwise the first available version is returned.

See Also

Getting Font Names

func CTFontCopyPostScriptName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the PostScript name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyFamilyName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the family name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyFullName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the full name of the given font.

func CTFontCopyDisplayName(CTFont) -> CFString

Returns the display name of the given font.

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