Returns the special user-interface font for the given language and user-interface type.


func CTFontCreateUIFontForLanguage(_ uiType: CTFontUIFontType, _ size: CGFloat, _ language: CFString?) -> CTFont?



A constant specifying the intended user-interface use for the requested font reference. See Enumerations for possible values.


The point size for the font reference. If 0.0 is specified, the default size for the requested user-interface type is used.


Language specifier string to select a font for a particular localization. If NULL is specified, the current system language is used. The format of the language identifier should conform to the RFC 3066bis standard.

Return Value

The correct font for various user-interface uses.


The only required parameter is the uiType selector; the other parameters have default values.

See Also

Creating Fonts

func CTFontCreateWithFontDescriptor(CTFontDescriptor, CGFloat, UnsafePointer<CGAffineTransform>?) -> CTFont

Returns a new font reference that best matches the given font descriptor.

func CTFontCreateCopyWithFamily(CTFont, CGFloat, UnsafePointer<CGAffineTransform>?, CFString) -> CTFont?

Returns a new font in the specified family based on the traits of the original font.

func CTFontCreateForString(CTFont, CFString, CFRange) -> CTFont

Returns a new font reference that can best map the given string range based on the current font.