The recognized format of the font.


enum CTFontFormat : UInt32


Use the values of this enumeration for kCTFontFormatAttribute.


Font Formats

case unrecognized

The font is not a recognized format.

case openTypePostScript

The font is an OpenType format containing PostScript data.

case openTypeTrueType

The font is an OpenType format containing TrueType data.

case trueType

The font is a recognized TrueType format.

case postScript

The font is a recognized PostScript format.

case bitmap

The font is a bitmap-only format.

See Also

Accessing Font Attributes

Font Attributes

The keys for accessing font attributes from a font descriptor.

enum CTFontOrientation

The intended rendering orientation of the font for obtaining glyph metrics.

typealias CTFontPriority

The priority of font descriptors when resolving duplicates and sorting match results.