Type Alias


The priority of font descriptors when resolving duplicates and sorting match results.


typealias CTFontPriority = UInt32


Use the values of this enumeration for kCTFontPriorityAttribute.


Font Priority

var kCTFontPrioritySystem: Int

Priority of system fonts.

var kCTFontPriorityNetwork: Int

Priority of network fonts.

var kCTFontPriorityComputer: Int

Priority of computer local fonts.

var kCTFontPriorityUser: Int

Priority of local fonts.

var kCTFontPriorityDynamic: Int

Priority of fonts registered dynamically, not located in a standard location.

var kCTFontPriorityProcess: Int

Priority of fonts registered for the process.

See Also

Accessing Font Attributes

Font Attributes

The keys for accessing font attributes from a font descriptor.

enum CTFontOrientation

The intended rendering orientation of the font for obtaining glyph metrics.

enum CTFontFormat

The recognized format of the font.