Generate text frames.


CTFramesetter is an object factory for CTFrame objects.

The framesetter takes an attributed string object and a shape descriptor object and calls into the typesetter to create line objects that fill that shape. The output is a frame object containing an array of lines. The frame can then draw itself directly into the current graphic context.


Creating a Framesetter

func CTFramesetterCreateWithAttributedString(CFAttributedString) -> CTFramesetter

Creates an immutable framesetter object from an attributed string.

func CTFramesetterCreateWithTypesetter(CTTypesetter) -> CTFramesetter

Creates a framesetter directly from a typesetter.

Creating Frames

func CTFramesetterGetTypesetter(CTFramesetter) -> CTTypesetter

Returns the typesetter object being used by the framesetter.

Getting the Type Identifier

func CTFramesetterGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the Core Foundation type identifier of the framesetter object.

Data Types

class CTFramesetter

A reference to a Core Foundation framesetter object.

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