A tab in a paragraph style, storing an alignment type and location.


Core Text supports five alignment types: CTTextAlignment.left, CTTextAlignment.center, CTTextAlignment.right, CTTextAlignment.justified and CTTextAlignment.natural. These alignment types are absolute, not based on the line sweep direction of text.

For example, tabbed text is always positioned to the left of a right-aligned tab, whether the line sweep direction is left to right or right to left. A tab's location, on the other hand, is relative to the back margin. A tab set at 1.5 inches, for example, is at 1.5 inches from the right in right-to-left text.


Creating Text Tabs

Getting Text Tab Data

func CTTextTabGetAlignment(CTTextTab) -> CTTextAlignment

Returns the text alignment of the tab.

func CTTextTabGetLocation(CTTextTab) -> Double

Returns the tab's ruler location.

func CTTextTabGetOptions(CTTextTab) -> CFDictionary?

Returns the dictionary of attributes associated with the tab.

Getting the Type Identifier

func CTTextTabGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the Core Foundation type identifier of the text tab object.

Data Types

class CTTextTab

A reference to a text tab object.



Specifies the terminating character for a tab column.

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