Global Variable


The dictionary of font variation.


let kCTFontVariationAttribute: CFString


If specified in a font descriptor, fonts with the specified axes are primary match candidates; if no such fonts exist, this attribute is ignored.

The value associated with this key is a CFDictionary object.

See Also

Font Attribute Keys

let kCTFontURLAttribute: CFString

The font URL from the font descriptor.

let kCTFontNameAttribute: CFString

The PostScript name from the font descriptor.

let kCTFontDisplayNameAttribute: CFString

The name used to display the font.

let kCTFontFamilyNameAttribute: CFString

The font family name from the font descriptor.

let kCTFontStyleNameAttribute: CFString

The style name of the font.

let kCTFontTraitsAttribute: CFString

The dictionary of font traits for stylistic information.

let kCTFontMatrixAttribute: CFString

The font transformation matrix when creating a font.

let kCTFontCascadeListAttribute: CFString

The cascade list used for a font reference.

let kCTFontCharacterSetAttribute: CFString

The Unicode character coverage set for a font reference.

let kCTFontLanguagesAttribute: CFString

A list of covered languages for a font reference.

let kCTFontBaselineAdjustAttribute: CFString

The baseline adjustment for a font reference.

let kCTFontMacintoshEncodingsAttribute: CFString

The Macintosh encodings for a font reference.

let kCTFontFeaturesAttribute: CFString

The font features for a font reference.

let kCTFontFeatureSettingsAttribute: CFString

The font features settings for a font reference.

let kCTFontFixedAdvanceAttribute: CFString

A fixed advance to be used for a font reference.

let kCTFontOrientationAttribute: CFString

The orientation for the glyphs of the font.

let kCTFontFormatAttribute: CFString

The recognized format of the font.

let kCTFontRegistrationScopeAttribute: CFString

The font descriptor's registration scope.

let kCTFontPriorityAttribute: CFString

The font priority used by font descriptors when resolving duplicates and sorting match results.

let kCTFontDownloadableAttribute: CFString

The font downloadable state.