An abstract base class that defines how to interact with data buffers.


A CVBuffer serves as an abstract base class that defines how to interact with buffers of data. A buffer object can hold video, audio, or possibly other types of data. All the other buffer types defined by Core Video, such as CVImageBuffer and CVPixelBuffer, are derived from CVBuffer. You can use the CVBuffer programming interface on any Core Video buffer.


Working with Attachments

func CVBufferGetAttachments(CVBuffer, CVAttachmentMode) -> CFDictionary?

Retrieves all attachments of a Core Video buffer.

func CVBufferSetAttachment(CVBuffer, CFString, CFTypeRef, CVAttachmentMode)

Sets or adds an attachment to a Core Video buffer.

func CVBufferSetAttachments(CVBuffer, CFDictionary, CVAttachmentMode)

Sets a dictionary of attachments on a Core Video buffer.

func CVBufferRemoveAttachment(CVBuffer, CFString)

Removes a specific attachment from a Core Video buffer.

func CVBufferRemoveAllAttachments(CVBuffer)

Removes all attachments from a Core Video buffer.

func CVBufferPropagateAttachments(CVBuffer, CVBuffer)

Copies all attachments that can be propagated from one Core Video buffer to another.

Data Types

class CVBuffer

A reference to a Core Video buffer.

enum CVAttachmentMode

The propagation modes of a Core Video buffer attachment.


CVBuffer Attribute Keys

The attributes associated with Core Video buffers.

CVBuffer Attachment Keys

The attachment types for a Core Video buffer.

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