An API that provides functions and types for defining custom pixel formats.


The Core Video pixel format description API defines functions and types for defining custom pixel formats. You should only use pixel format descriptions if you need to define a custom pixel format.


Creating Format Descriptions

Retrieving Format Descriptions

func CVPixelFormatDescriptionArrayCreateWithAllPixelFormatTypes(CFAllocator?) -> CFArray?

Returns all the pixel format descriptions known to Core Video.

Data Types

struct CVFillExtendedPixelsCallBackData

A structure for holding information that describes a custom extended pixel fill algorithm.


typealias CVFillExtendedPixelsCallBack

Defines a pointer to a custom extended pixel-fill function, which is called whenever the system needs to pad a buffer holding your custom pixel format.


Pixel Format Description Keys

The attributes of a pixel format.

Pixel Format Identifiers

Core Video does not provide support for all of these formats; this list defines only their names.

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