A structure used for storing Core Video time values.


Core video uses the CVTime and CVTimeStamp structures for storing Core Video time values. You use them to interact with the Core Video display link.


Inspecting the Host Clock

func CVGetCurrentHostTime() -> UInt64

Returns the current system time.

func CVGetHostClockFrequency() -> Double

Returns the frequency of updates to the system time.

func CVGetHostClockMinimumTimeDelta() -> UInt32

Returns the smallest possible increment in the system time.

Data Types

struct CVTime

A structure for reporting Core Video time values.


A structure for representing a display timestamp.

struct CVSMPTETime

A structure for holding an SMPTE time.


CVTime Values

Keys that represent Core Video time values.

See Also

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A high-priority thread that notifies your app when a given display will need each frame.