A structure for defining a display timestamp.


struct CVTimeStamp


This structure is designed to be very similar to the audio timestamp defined in the Core Audio framework except that, in CVTimeStamp, floating-point values are not used to represent the video equivalent of sample times.



var flags: UInt64

A bit field containing additional information about the timestamp. See CVTimeStamp Flags for a list of possible values. .

var hostTime: UInt64

The system time measured by the timestamp.

var rateScalar: Double

The current rate of the device as measured by the timestamps, divided by the nominal rate.

var reserved: UInt64

Reserved. Do not use.

var smpteTime: CVSMPTETime

The SMPTE time representation of the timestamp.

var version: UInt32

The current CVTimeStamp structure is version 0. Some functions require you to specify a version when passing in a timestamp structure to be filled.

var videoTime: Int64

The start of a frame (or field for interlaced video).

var videoTimeScale: Int32

The scale (in units per second) of the videoTimeScale and videoRefreshPeriod fields.