Instance Method


Register for specific Wi-Fi event notifications.


func startMonitoringEvent(with type: CWEventType) throws



The type of event notifications to register for. See CWEventType for a list of possible values.


A pointer to an error object. If an error occurs, the pointer is set to point at an error object that describes the error condition. Pass nil to ignore error details.

Return Value

A Boolean value that indicates whether or not an error occurred. A value of YES indicates that no error occurred.


After registering for notifications, when an event of the given type happens, the client sends an appropriate message to its delegate. See the CWEventDelegate protocol for the complete list of possible messages.

Use the stopMonitoringEvent(with:) method when you want to stop receiving notifications of the given event type. Use stopMonitoringAllEvents() to stop receiving all notifications from a client.

See Also

Monitoring Events

func stopMonitoringAllEvents()

Unregister for all Wi-Fi event notifications.

func stopMonitoringEvent(with: CWEventType)

Unregister for specific Wi-Fi event notifications.