Instance Property


The name of the column the classifier used at initialization that contains the file names of the activity recordings.


var recordingFileColumn: String


This value reflects the value you used for the recordingFileColumn parameter of any initializer, or a default name if the parameter was nil.

Changing the value of this property doesn’t retrain the model or affect its behavior.

See Also

Creating and Training an Activity Classifier

enum MLActivityClassifier.DataSource

A data source for an activity classifier.

struct MLActivityClassifier.ModelParameters

Parameters that affect the process of training an activity classification model.

let modelParameters: MLActivityClassifier.ModelParameters

The configuration parameters that the activity classifier used for training during initialization.

var featureColumns: [String]

The names of the columns you selected at initialization to train the activity classifier.

var labelColumn: String

The name of the column you selected at initialization to define which activities the classifier predicts.