Creates a Boosted Tree Classifier from the feature columns in the training data to predict the categories in the target column.


init(trainingData: MLDataTable, targetColumn: String, featureColumns: [String]? = nil, parameters: MLBoostedTreeClassifier.ModelParameters = ModelParameters(validationData: nil)) throws



A data table of training examples.


The column name for the values in the training data that the classifier should predict.


The column names for the values in the training data that the classifier uses to predict the target value.

See Also

Creating and Training a Boosted Tree Classifier

struct MLBoostedTreeClassifier.ModelParameters

Parameters that affect the process of training a model.

let modelParameters: MLBoostedTreeClassifier.ModelParameters

The underlying parameters used when training the model.

var targetColumn: String

The name of the column you selected at initialization to define which categories the classifier predicts.

var featureColumns: [String]

The names of the columns you selected at initialization to train the classifier.