The units of a bounding box annotation’s coordinates and anchor.


enum MLBoundingBoxUnits


Unit Types

case pixel

The annotations use coordinates defined by pixels.

case normalized

The annotations use coordinates defined by the image’s overall width and height.

Operator Functions

static func != (MLBoundingBoxUnits, MLBoundingBoxUnits) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the two unit types aren’t equal.

See Also

Bounding Box Annotations

case boundingBox(units: MLBoundingBoxUnits, origin: MLBoundingBoxCoordinatesOrigin, anchor: MLBoundingBoxAnchor)

An annotation type that defines a rectangle around an object within an image.

enum MLBoundingBoxAnchor

The part of the bounding box its annotation coordinates refer to.

enum MLBoundingBoxCoordinatesOrigin

The location within an image the annotations use as the origin.