Instance Method


Returns a subsequence from the specified position to the end of the collection.


func suffix(from start: Int) -> Slice<MLDataTable.Row>



The index at which to start the resulting subsequence. start must be a valid index of the collection.

Return Value

A subsequence starting at the start position.


The following example searches for the index of the number 40 in an array of integers, and then prints the suffix of the array starting at that index:

let numbers = [10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60]
if let i = numbers.firstIndex(of: 40) {
    print(numbers.suffix(from: i))
// Prints "[40, 50, 60]"

Passing the collection’s endIndex as the start parameter results in an empty subsequence.

print(numbers.suffix(from: numbers.endIndex))
// Prints "[]"

Using the suffix(from:) method is equivalent to using a partial range from the index as the collection’s subscript. The subscript notation is preferred over suffix(from:).

if let i = numbers.firstIndex(of: 40) {
// Prints "[40, 50, 60]"

Complexity: O(1)

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