An enumeration describing the supported underlying types that an MLDataValue wraps.


enum ValueType


Supported Values

case int

An integer type.

case double

A double type.

case string

A string type.

case dictionary

A dictionary type.

case sequence

A sequence type.

case multiArray

A multidimensional type.

case invalid

An invalid type.

Describing a Data Value Type

var description: String

A text representation of the data value type.

var debugDescription: String

A text representation of the data value type that’s suitable for output during debugging.

Comparing Value Types

static func != (MLDataValue.ValueType, MLDataValue.ValueType) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are not equal.

See Also

Inspecting the Type

var type: MLDataValue.ValueType

The kind of the underlying value that the data value wraps.