The underlying base model that extracts image features during training.


enum MLImageClassifier.FeatureExtractorType


Create ML has one built-in feature extractor: scenePrint. Alternatively, you can provide your own custom feature extractor from an .mlmodel file or a specific layer within a model file.


Selecting a Feature Extractor Type

case scenePrint(revision: Int?)

A feature extractor trained on millions of images, that’s included in Create ML.

case custom(MLImageClassifier.CustomFeatureExtractor)

Your own feature extractor which you provide with an .mlmodel file or a layer within that file.

struct MLImageClassifier.CustomFeatureExtractor

The source of a custom feature extractor, stored in an .mlmodel file, used to train an image classifier.


Describing a Feature Extractor Type

var description: String

A text representation of the feature extractor.

var debugDescription: String

A text representation of the feature extractor that’s suitable for output during debugging.

var playgroundDescription: Any

A description of the feature extractor shown in a playground.

See Also

Specifying a Feature Extractor

var featureExtractor: MLImageClassifier.FeatureExtractorType

The underlying base model used to extract image features, during the training of an image classifier model.

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