Parameters that configure a word embedding.


struct MLWordEmbedding.ModelParameters


Creating Parameters

init(language: NLLanguage?, revision: Int)

Creates a new set of word embedding parameters.

Accessing Parameters

var revision: Int

The revision of the word embedding.

var language: NLLanguage?

The language of the word embedding.

Describing Parameters

var description: String

A text representation of the word embedding parameters.

var debugDescription: String

A text representation of the word embedding parameters that’s suitable for output during debugging.

var playgroundDescription: Any

A description of the word embedding parameters shown in a playground.

See Also

Creating a Word Embedding

init(dictionary: [String : [Double]], parameters: MLWordEmbedding.ModelParameters)

Creates a word embedding from a set of strings and their vectors provided with the given dictionary.

let modelParameters: MLWordEmbedding.ModelParameters

The configuration parameters that the word embedding used during initialization.