Instance Method


Creates and returns a new user interaction object for secure PIN verification using the Smart Card reader facilities.


- (TKSmartCardUserInteractionForSecurePINVerification *)userInteractionForSecurePINVerificationWithPINFormat:(TKSmartCardPINFormat *)PINFormat APDU:(NSData *)APDU PINByteOffset:(NSInteger)PINByteOffset;



The PIN format descriptor.


The Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU) used by the Smart Card to fill in PIN data.


The offset, in bytes, within the Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU) field to mark a location of a PIN block for filling in the entered PIN.

Return Value

A new user interaction object for secure PIN verification, or nil if this feature is not supported by the Smart Card reader.


You should only call this method after a session to the Smart Card has been established using the beginSessionWithReply: method, and before the session is terminated using the endSession method.

Once the interaction has been successfully completed, the results are available via the resultData and resultSW properties of the returned TKSmartCardUserInteractionForSecurePINVerification object.

See Also

Managing User Interaction


Creates a new user interaction object for secure PIN change using the smart card reader facilities (typically a HW keypad).