A parsed ATR (Answer To Reset) message from a Smart Card.


class TKSmartCardATR : NSObject


This class declares a programmatic interface to parsing an ATR from data or a byte stream, and accessing the individual parts.


Creating a Smart Card ATR

init?(bytes: Data)

Initializes a TKSmartCardATR object from a provided data object.

init?(source: () -> Int32)

Initializes a TKSmartCardATR object from a provided data source.

Accessing ATR Attributes

var protocols: [NSNumber]

An array of protocols indicated in the ATR

var bytes: Data

The ATR message data.

var historicalBytes: Data

The ATR historical bytes, not including interface bytes or the TCK (check byte).

var historicalRecords: [TKCompactTLVRecord]?

A list of compact TLV records parsed from historical bytes.

Retrieving Interface Groups

func interfaceGroup(at: Int) -> TKSmartCardATR.InterfaceGroup?

Returns the interface group at the specified index.

func interfaceGroup(for: TKSmartCardProtocol) -> TKSmartCardATR.InterfaceGroup?

Returns the interface group with the specified protocol.

class TKSmartCardATR.InterfaceGroup

A single interface-bytes group for a Smart Card ATR (Answer to Reset).


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Reading the Answer to Reset

var atr: TKSmartCardATR?

The ATR (Answer to Reset) of the inserted Smart Card, or nil if no Smart Card is inserted or the inserted Smart Card is mute.

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