An interface to all available smart card reader slots.


class TKSmartCardSlotManager : NSObject


Get a list of all known smart card reader slots in the system using the slotNames property, and access individual slots by name using the getSlot(withName:reply:) method.


Creating a Card Slot Manager

class var `default`: TKSmartCardSlotManager?

The shared singleton Smart Card reader slot manager.

Accessing Smart Card Slots

var slotNames: [String]

A list of identifiers for all the Smart Card reader slots available to the system.

func getSlot(withName: String, reply: (TKSmartCardSlot?) -> Void)

Asynchronously calls a block with a Smart Card reader slot for a specified name.

func slotNamed(String) -> TKSmartCardSlot?

Returns the Smart Card slot with a given name.


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See Also

Smart Cards

class TKSmartCard

A representation of a smart card.

class TKSmartCardSlot

A single smart card reader slot in the system.