The base class encapsulating a Tag-Length-Value record.


class TKTLVRecord : NSObject


The CryptoTokenKit framework provides the following concrete subclasses for various TLV record encodings:


Creating Records

class func sequenceOfRecords(from: Data) -> [TKTLVRecord]?

Creates and returns an array of TLV records from the specified data.

init?(from: Data)

Creates and returns a TLV record from by parsing the specified data.

Accessing the Tag Field

var tag: TKTLVTag

The tag field of the record.

typealias TKTLVTag

The type used to identify TLV format tags.

Accessing the Value Field

var value: Data

The value field of the record.

Accessing Record Data

var data: Data

The record data, including the tag, length, and value fields.


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Working with Tag-Length-Value Records

class TKBERTLVRecord

An object that parses BER-encoded data and produces DER-encoded data for TLV records.

class TKCompactTLVRecord

An object that implements encoding using Compact-TLV encoding according to ISO 7816-4.

class TKSimpleTLVRecord

An object that implements encoding using Simple-TLV encoding according to ISO 7816-4.